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Home Additions in Tulsa, OK

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Home Additions

As your interests and family grows over time, so does your need for space. We’ll help you design and build your dream come true. Our team can bring your home addition to life, whether you’re looking for the perfect master bedroom retreat, a great room for entertaining guests, an outdoor kitchen, or a project that’s unique to your interests. From creating initial design concepts, ordering products, and managing construction, our remodeling company will make your home addition easy and enjoyable.

Types of Home Additions

  • Custom Home Additions

    Custom home additions are perfect for increasing the available living space and boosting the value of a home. They include everything from adding a new room to modifying an existing structure.

  • Small Home Additions

    Do you have a small home addition project? Don’t be embarrassed to contact us. Even if you are interested in a bump out of between two to fifteen feet, we are the Oklahoma home addition contractor who is happy to accommodate you.

  • Second Story Home Additions

    A second-story addition offers the best way to increase your living space without forcing you to relocate. It also opens you up to beautiful views.

  • Modular Home Additions

    With modular home additions in Toronto, most of the construction is done off-site. This is done after discussing your needs and assessing your home.

Universal Design for Home Additions

When it comes to home addition remodels, incorporating universal design elements into the overall proposal can ensure that your new home is safe and accessible to all. An adaptable layout allows for a wide range of modalities, creating a space that is easy for everyone to enjoy and access. Creative solutions like adequate lighting, adaptable flooring surfaces, and other universal design features ensure that your space is safe and functional, as well as stylish.