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Garage to ADU Conversions in Tulsa, OK

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What Exactly Are Garage Conversion ADUs?

ADUs are also known as mother-in-law cabins, cottages, carriage houses, and by many other names. They can be attached, detached, close to the primary home, or further back on the property.

Garage to ADU conversions can be attached or detached, and they’re remodeled from existing sheds and garages. State regulations guide an accessory dwelling unit’s dimensions and structural designs. 

There are accessory dwelling units that are positioned above or attached to a garage. Conversions are when the pre-existing garage or a portion of it is converted into an ADU.

From Garage to Rental Unit

Avoid the inconvenience of managing a complete home renovation for your existing property. Instead, consider the option of constructing a new home from the ground up. If you have a specific design in mind and desire a freshly built residence that reflects your vision, our new construction services are the perfect solution.

Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to delivering a final product that aligns seamlessly with your initial vision. You can anticipate a home that truly embodies your personal style and preferences from the very start.

A Garage Conversion vs an ADU

There is a lot of overlap between a garage conversion and an ADU (accessory dwelling unit). Both add valuable finished square feet to a property. Today, though, most garage conversions are deemed ADUs. A traditional garage conversion cannot include a kitchen, per zoning and city regulations. Alternatively, an ADU acts as its own small home with a kitchen, bathroom, and living space. Garage conversions are typically used to convert an existing garage into a bonus space, such as an office, gym, playroom, or guest space (without a kitchen). That said, different cities and counties have different regulations we can help you navigate.